Debating over Constructive and Distructive Criticisms

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Debating over Constructive and Distructive Criticisms

Post by Rip van Winkle on Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:26 pm

When you find it insulting in the very least when people don't give you a good reason for why they are criticizing something is annoying. They don't give a solid reason why they don't like something and when you get them to explain themselves over it, they get even more upset over it. The whole concept of this forum and also for the Free Cosplayers of the Rocky Mountains is that we are here to help and also give people support when they create their costumes. I hate it when some people rip apart a cosplayer without solid reasons.

Yeah, we all have problems and we all have imperfect bodies, but you know something I would never tell someone that they can't do something. If someone wants to do sometimes from an anime they like, but knows they don't have the body for it, they are just going to do it anyway. I don't look at their body when they do the costume, I look at the effort they put into the costume, how well the colors match and how well they put the costume together.

I make criticisms based on how the costume looks verus how well the person looks. Hell, I know i don't look good sometimes. I am shy and usually hate having my picture taken when I'm not in costume. The point is I make criticisms that are constructive, not distructive. The way that goes is that people who make destructive criticisms are not the ones walking on stage with the costume on and doing the poses, they are the ones who sit in the audience and become jealous of the person on stage who is able to suck up their own misgivings and do the actions. I know I'm scared half the time when I'm on stage and the last thing I want to see if someone who doesn't even come on stage in their own creation does the poses.

When I think about how other forums do this, I am usually annoyed because I want people who have put the effort into their cosplays to at least get experience of walking on stage and trying to show people what they did. It doesn't matter if the costume came from a thrift store or from a cosplay company, or if the person made their own by sewing it together.

If people want to criticized something, at least look at the effort, the marksmanship of the costume, NOT the body. How well they are in character, how well they made some changes to suit the reality of the costume. The problem with people in this world is that they are trying to be funny, but at someone else's expense, which is cruel. I make fun of myself all the time, but I know when not to do it.
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